Canada (Candi), Senior Content Writer

Canada (Candi) Jackson - MA English & Creative Writing - UK

All the engaging written pieces for digital and print media that you see at Level Q Marketing were either written, overseen, or edited by our wide niche content specialist, Candi. She is a master at different styles, able to produce creative writing, informational articles, fictional stories, blog posts and other entertaining or educational content across all subject matter. Her writing never fails to attract potential customers to a brand, with her compelling content capturing the attention of our varied target markets.

An accomplished novelist and top selling author in her own right, Canada has reached no 2 in her genre at Amazon, USA. Her 30-year work history is diverse and rich, with her reporting directly to the Presidents of the largest oil corporations in the world and long-term Cabinet Ministers. She’s the only person we know who can offer work references from “His Excellency.” Candi has edited dramatic plays for stage productions, researched and co-written business strategy manuals, and her critical essays on dismantling prejudice are regularly quoted by her academic peers. She has more educational degrees than a compass, can write about anything technical, creative, or scientific, but is so wrapped up in her writing world, we have to steer her away from collisions when she walks. She’s quirky, hilariously witty, and sometimes lures you in with her dreamy stare, only to shock you with calculated editorial missions and strategies that hit fresh marketing targets.

Candi is an SEO expert in her own right and a decent webmaster, able to keep track of content campaigns and marketing efforts without shying away from the technical components. She’s quick to pinpoint new business writing opportunities and produces promotional content that is easily monetized and expanded for our clients. Candi has six biological and adopted children who are used to their beloved mother handing them an essay to review rather than dinner. She spends her free time monitoring her assisted reality business investments and writing novels until the early hours of the morning, until one of her children drags her back to reality or her coffee pot runs dry.

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