Ian Wells, Director

Our Director Ian is a very busy man. He continually develops and executes all the business strategies that make LevelQ Marketing the top marketing agency in Cyprus.

A veteran at overseeing business operations, he has a knack for steering organisations in a profitable direction while simultaneously implementing long-term goals with groundbreaking visions.

He shares his expertise with Level Q Marketing and several top industry diverse organisations in Cyprus as a hands-on Director or Chairman of the Board, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have him at our helm. Ian’s strong track record of successful mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in the United Kingdom and Cyprus means you have to get up early in the morning to match his ability to drive profitability and develop strategic business plans. We know Ian is up at the crack of dawn because he recently rescued his seventh dog, fondly known as ‘Olive’, who refuses to recognise his authority.

He has an in-depth knowledge of the markets he manages, and always exhibits best management practices in everything he undertakes. We can’t fault Ian for his organizational and leadership skills. He is a strong leader with analytical problem-solving abilities that makes us wonder if he isn’t part AI. We often find him browsing or buying the latest hi-tech devices on the market. Thanks to him, we have the best technology available for our operations at Level Q Marketing and are always one step ahead of our competitors. Luckily, he still values his staff and hasn’t searched for an advanced humanoid robot to replace us yet.

Ian holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree from Bournemouth University in Information Systems Management and is committed to the ideal of accessible quality education, which he exercises as the majority shareholder and licensed operator of one of the top private schools in Paphos. This integral value is carried over to his staff, where he encourages us to prioritize professional development and embrace new skills.

Ian sets the tone, vision, and culture of all the organisations he manages. History has shown that there is nothing he cannot successfully achieve, except for silencing ‘Olive’.

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