Maria, Marketing & Creative Director

Maria leads the creative & design department of LevelQ Marketing as our Marketing & Creative Director.

With 15 years’ experience as a director of design, art, and marketing, she has led creative projects and global brand campaigns for over 100 clients and received a respectable amount of national and international claim.

Born and raised in South Africa, her resume is filled with her vast experience and success in print and digital design, creative vision, strategic communications, brand, and multi-channel integrated ad campaigns. Her knowledge and ability to generate creative ideas backed with strategic expertise and meticulous design across all platforms is legendary. It includes hands on website development, web UX/UI, videography, graphic design, radio scripts/ads and the design of published magazines.

She’s humble and hates to brag, so we took it upon ourselves to note that her design work has won awards for our clients for the last three years. Maria is a tiny powerhouse of unending energy; a multitasker of note with an around the clock work ethic – her staff are yet to find her ‘off button’ but we look for it relentlessly when we receive midnight emails. It’s not just Maria’s vast experience and ability to transition seamlessly among projects of varying scale, audience, format, and distribution that makes her the best marketing director in Cyprus. Her mentoring style of management and team leadership skills are beloved by her team and admired by our clients.

Her ability to research and analyze the best marketing tactics and work cooperatively and effectively with different personality types is astounding. We hope her insight into psychological reasoning has nothing to do with her love of Judge Judy. If you ever come across a woman in a Thai food restaurant quietly pouring over a sales forecast and branding plan aimed at growing a target market share – give Maria our regards.

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