Chernobyl – Powering Innovative Menu Design

The Task

Creating a rule-breaking, game changing menu for Chernobyl Bar, already the most controversial place to be seen in Cyprus, was going to push our graphic design services to the limit. How could we deliver a menu design that would persuade party-goers to sip cocktails with eyebrow raising names like Hazard or Radioactive? We put it to our expert graphic designers, part of our graphic design team and awaited their response.

Easy our expert graphic design team said and they set to work legitimizing concoctions that should carry a health warning rather than a price tag!

No task is beyond our creative crew and the menu design was described by Chernobyl as ‘Explosive’

The Plan

The molecular cocktail menu had to fit the setting – The Chernobyl Bar, so bleak, black and broody it was.

Our menu design services team put their creative heads together and decided that a list of ingredients means little to those who just want to be seen sipping spirit sensations.  

Their plan was to ensure each drink on the road to oblivion was accompanied by stylised images, specially created by our menu design team to tempt the unwitting into trying something dramatic, dark and dangerous. Molecular cocktails deliver a wide and unusual range of sensations and we needed to get the average cocktail sipper out of their liquid comfort zones.

The Results

The finished menu design hit the target perfectly and, on its first night, was greeted excitedly by the clientele.

Chernobyl Bar’s mixologists noted that, increasingly, the beautiful young people were ordering their cocktails by reference to the images rather than the name and being far more adventurous in their cocktail selection. A massive hit for LevelQ’s design team who were praised by Chernobyl Bar’s owners for matching the menu design perfectly with the visual expression of the Chernobyl brand.

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