David - Content Creator

David has worked in education for nearly thirty years (longer than some of his colleagues have been alive – not that he’s counting) but as a side-line he has developed his love of writing into a second career.

From proofing scripts to writing for florists, car hire companies, and Forex traders, David has done it all. David has now joined LevelQ Marketing’s copywriting team and is ready to bring his quirky sense of humor with him. When he’s not wooing clients with his wordsmith skills, David can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm or typing away at his never-ending novel projects.

He also has a love for travel, but be warned, he’s survived a coach crash in Turkey and even flew on a flight with a suspected bomb on board (talk about living on the edge!). And if you thought his thrill-seeking stopped there, think again. David isn’t afraid to take on the bad guys – he’s even caught a few shoplifters in his day. Criminals beware! 

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