Project EIGHT.


An epic domestic marketing campaign for Disney’s Cruella goes global

The puzzle

The SBM Design team was given the challenge from Disney to support their nationwide marketing campaign for Cruella. As a heavily promoted and highly anticipated prequel to a classic Disney film, the print and digital assets developed for both cinema and Disney+ streaming needed to match the advertising in its grandeur. It was crucial to maintain the original design consistency across the entire campaign, while adjusting the imagery to appeal to Australian audiences.

The solution

The Design team was given an unusual amount of flexibility when localising the material for Cruella, with a variety of fun, punk-grunge assets at their disposal. Print advertisements would be displayed on posters, billboards, public areas and digital spaces, which meant that the team had to think strategically and creatively about how best to reach their audience in each and every location.

The solution

Disney was extremely happy with the end result, and Cruella assets could be seen in public spaces across Australia.

The assets also made a surprise takeover of the Daily Mail website, with the entire home page decked out in the bold colours and visually stunning grunge aesthetics of Cruella branding, custom fitted by the SBM Design team.

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