How to improve SEO search results on Google

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SEO best practice is not just about discoverability and how to improve your local search results.

Last year, the world changed dramatically. But not all changes were negative, especially for online business promotion. Stuck in their homes, people went online more than ever before, with e-commerce up 26.7 trillion USD according to the UN Global perspective.

It was the perfect opportunity for businesses to grow – and many did. They attributed their success to their strong online presence and best SEO Practice. They knew how to benefit from the organic leads that come from online research which makes up 53% of all web traffic.

But SEO best practice is not only about discoverability and how to improve your local search results.

You need to stay in the top ranks.

New potential clients need to connect and engage, but also build a sustainable relationship with your organisation. It’s the only way to boost your credibility and improve your brand recognition. Only qualified leads will convert into sales to improve your ROI, and unlock your true potential.

No matter how great you think you are at all things internet related or how informative the last article you read on SEO tips 2021 appeared. SEO is in constant flux with ever changing algorithms and increased competition.

Generic SEO hacks, keyword stuffing and easy buying links – often make minimal impact.

You need a professional organisation to balance day-to-day performance objectives with innovation and growth opportunities. Otherwise, you will never hold a leadership position in search engine rankings.

You should note the above reference to an ‘organisation’ and not ‘person’. This is because a good SEO consultant should be backed up by strong writers, engineers, designers, and PR professionals. You need somebody who can not only optimize your web page but also deliver content marketing initiatives and design SEO campaigns that supplement your digital marketing strategy. Too many businesses today are quick to hire SEO experts to increase awareness but forget the pivotal role that good content plays.

An SEO expert knows how to “optimize”, but they need the right tools and information to do this successfully.

The best SEO practice should include a collaborative effort to achieve growth marketing and improve search engine rankings. Both technical aspects and design components must be included in the process. The skill range offered by an SEO expert should include SEO tools with writing for long-form content and back linking services, not to mention an ability to analyse your brand’s existing marketing efforts to swing underperforming campaigns in the right direction.

But before you hit the search bar with how to find a good SEO consultant, please ensure they are not only up to date with the current SEO best practices but also able to understand your business and elevate it.

There are a lot of blogs and articles online that advise, what to ask SEO consultants or what a good SEO expert should know. Very few consider that you may already have some SEO practices in place and only require a small “tweak” or an “update” of your existing techniques. Many overwhelm you with technical jargon and best SEO strategies with SEO tips that are overwhelming and confusing. Most rehash the same guidelines for evaluating an SEO consultant’s ability and overlook these important considerations:

  • Look for an agency that can support your current internal SEO initiatives. One that will combine what you already have in-house with their external expertise. This will avoid high SEO agency fees because they will work to improve what you have and only start from scratch if it is necessary.
  • Check the versatility of their portfolio. You want an agency that understands your unique business needs. If they have a wealth of knowledge in your industry and understand your product or service, they’re going to deliver a campaign that is organic and sustainable.
  • Evaluate them – not only by checking their references and track record – make sure their techniques match your company’s vision and beliefs, you don’t want to employ an SEO agency that purchases back links or ignores Googles Webmaster Guidelines thus disrespecting a searchers intent.
  • Ensure their budget flexibility. What is the point of a digital marketing campaign that costs more than it makes? For start-ups and small businesses, cost is always a constraint. You need to find an expert who appreciates this and is willing to design an affordable SEO campaign that grows along with your rising ROI.
  • Are they balanced in their offerings? Do they provide a full service that includes solid content along with the technical aspects required to improve your local search results? Even more important – do they provide accurate and ongoing reporting in this rapidly changing industry?

The ideas behind SEO are not as complex as they seem – it’s the execution that’s important.

Partner with an organisation like LevelQ Marketing who exemplify this ideology. We understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach to digital marketing. We would love to help you ramp up your current strategy with fresh ideas and expertise.


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