Understanding Instagram Algorithms

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(Instagram Marketing as a social media strategy Part II)

We’ve already established that no business owner can overlook the advantage of using every social media platform available, including Instagram. So, let’s dive right in and talk about:

Understanding the Instagram algorithm and tailor-made content.

Before we start – this article is filled with Instagram tips for beginners. If you are a major publisher, we will save you some reading time. This article isn’t for you.

For those just starting out, the Instagram algorithm, in a nutshell, is a mechanism that decides which content gets seen. That means every time a person opens the app, the algorithm instantly combs through all available content, and decides what should go to the top of your newsfeed and in what order.

How does Instagram decide what you should see?

Instagram beginners need to remember that the Instagram algorithm looks at many factors, but these are the top three:

  • Interests

Instagram will show you content that you are likely to engage with by considering your past behavior and interests. This is why cat lovers get kitten videos and basketball enthusiasts see the latest NBA news.

  • Relationships

The Instagram algorithm assumes that those you have interacted with are interested in your content. They survey your tags, comments, and saves to track who is likely to care about your post.

  • Timing

Instagram stays up to date with trends and seasons, so they fill your news feed with content that is the most up to date. This is why you don’t see Christmas posts in May or Valentine posts at Halloween.

How do you make the Instagram algorithm work for you?

We asked our own social media expert to give us her top 10 Instagram tips for beginners. LevelQ Marketing uses the top Instagram analytic tools available for their clients, but Anastasia was happy to share some insight into how she increases engagement.

  1. Start by defining your audience so you know what they want from you.
  2. Engage with your followers! It helps to grow your organic reach.
  3. Always respond to comments and direct messages.
  4. Create an ongoing story where you can share tagged posts.
  5. Develop a consistent voice that elevates your brand and shows your company’s values, beliefs, and personality.
  6. New posts rank higher than older ones. Post consistently!
  7. Find out when your clients are online.
  8. Offer variety to engage different users by using reels, the post carousel and stories.
  9. Plan ahead with a good social media calendar.
  10. Never forget to optimize and update your bio. This is the first thing that catches a user’s attention.

What should Instagram beginners avoid?

  • Too many posts in a row by the same person is a big No.
  • Make sure you are aware of the Instagram Community guidelines so that your post isn’t taken down for noncompliance.
  • Being an Instagram beginner is hard work, but never be tempted to purchase followers.

Check out more Instagram tips for beginners in our next article where we discuss more about content type, hashtags, captions, and engagement metrics.


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