Instagram Marketing Strategy – Content Choice.

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We hope that our last two articles “Instagram Marketing as a Social Media Strategy andUnderstanding Instagram Algorithms have been helpful and your Instagram marketing strategy is already growing your Instagram reach.

You are now ready to learn about Instagram content:

Instagram Content Types

As we noted in our first article. Instagram has over one billion monthly users. While this means you have a huge audience potential, it also means that standing out takes hard work. Trends change consistently. What was a great post idea one year ago will probably see you completely ignored today.

But don’t worry, Level Q Marketing are experts with Instagram content. We have some tips that will put you ahead of your competitors.

Growing your Instagram reach Tip #1 – High Quality Media.

A good Instagram marketing strategy starts with Instagram content of high quality visually appealing media. Blurry pixelated photographs posted with the wrong aspect ratio can ruin your Instagram presence before you even launch your campaign. Hootsuite have an excellent guideline that will help you size your media perfectly.

Growing your Instagram reach Tip #2 – Mix It Up.

There are many ways to attract attention to your posts. Here are a few trending ideas. Remember to ensure you have a great caption that grabs interest.

  • Behind the scenes: Something as simple as showing your team at work. Pictures or videos humanizing your brand will help form a strong connection with your followers.
  • Contests and giveaways: Prompt your followers to comment on a post, tag a friend by offering them an enticing giveaway.
  • Reciprocate the attention: Don’t forget to repost your customers’ posts. You will make them feel special and it will showcase your hard work.
  • Meme: Show that you have a sense of humour, but make sure you stick to your brand voice and image.
  • Sneak peek: Show a small titbit of your upcoming product release.
  • Pop quiz and puzzles: Generate curiosity and get your audience to share their findings.
  • How to content: Establish yourself as an expert in your field. This is an excellent way to drive engagement.

Growing your Instagram reach Tip #3 – Hashtags

Hashtags rule on Instagram. They are the equivalent of a SEO keyword and will boost your engagement by almost 15%. There are several free hashtag generators available if you don’t want to invest, but make sure your post always has them. Your post will feature in a gallery of the top and latest posts, among other related content. It is one of the most important keys to a robust Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Growing your Instagram reach Tip #4 – Check Your Engagement Metrics

If you followed our advice in the first article and have a business account on Instagram, then go to your profile. Tap the insights action button, and then tap metrics under the overview section or on specific content that you have shared.

Look at your:

  • Impressions – this refers to how many people saw your post.
  • Engagement rate – this will fine tune your post choices as you see what your followers liked.
  • Click through rate from your bio link. See if your followers care about your products or services.
  • ACTION: Review the comments on your posts and reply to them to build a relationship with your followers.

We hope these articles helped beginners who are embarrassed to ask simple questions about Instagram Marketing. If you still have queries, please contact us at +357 26 220218 or post your concern in the comments section.

Check back soon for our next article on brand identity, which isn’t Instagram specific but important to growing your personal brand on all social media.



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Instagram Marketing Strategy – Content Choice.

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