ANASTASIA CHARALAMBIDOU Marketing and Social Media Coordinator BA (Honors) Tourism Management & Hospitality with emphasis on Cyprus.

There is very little about social media optimization that Anastasia hasn’t mastered in her illustrious career in marketing and events that spans the last seven years. She has her finger on the pulse of all the new trends that will boost a product, brand, corporation, or individual. Her role is devoted to monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring the social media presence of our clients across all networks. She excels at keeping content on track and knows exactly what will work on which platform, finding innovative ways to produce fresh subject matter.

Anastasia has a solid track record for successfully pushing new ideas and formats against high reaching targets that drive lead generation and convert into solid revenue. If she isn’t designing engaging content, then she’s measuring how well those ideas perform. If you want to know the best and latest social media metrics – then ask Anastasia. You can find her in exciting places collecting inspiring photographs and videos for engaging content that attracts customers and maximizes brand awareness OR at her desk populating social media calendars for weeks ahead as she tracks performance against measurable objectives.

She speaks four languages and is currently studying a fifth – makes beautiful flower wreaths in her downtime and is constantly doing courses to keep ahead of all social media trends. Her bubbly and enthusiastic personality is an asset for all our marketing activities and initiatives. If you spot her around Cyprus gathering footage for our clients and flowers for her wreaths, don’t be afraid to say hello. Anastasia loves meeting new people and has an abundance of respect and interest in individual culture. But we warn you, she likes to talk a lot!

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