Lydia - Marketing Intern

Meet Lydia, the unstoppable force of hard work and motivation! Not only is she a quick learner with a thirst for new skills, but her communication skills can charm even the grumpiest of people. During her earlier education, Lydia transformed into a mature, positive, and laser-focused individual always striving for excellence in whatever task she takes on.

Currently, Lydia is studying Management & Marketing Bsc (Hons) at Bath University, and in her free time manages several LevelQ client social media accounts as well as video production – talk about a multitasker!

Lydia also shares valuable current insights with the team here at LevelQ – she is making work experience look like a piece of cake until she’s ready to join the LevelQ team full-time after she graduates.

When not crushing it at University/work, you can find Lydia Irish dancing, and BTW, she was so good at it that she once broke a world record and came second in ‘The British Arts Awards’ with a Cèilidh dance duet (we wish we could move like that).

She even designed her own dance costumes and completed 6 Irish Dancing Grade Exams, not to forget about the many competitions she has participated in around England.

Who knew one person could accomplish so much? Lydia, that’s who! 

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