Senzo, Web Developer

You need to get your geek on to learn about Senzo, Level Q Marketing’s specialized web developer who is easily categorized as a back-end developer, front-end developer, and webmaster.

He has so many years’ experience in the industry, we would need a year to review all the websites he developed to completion.

Always ahead of the latest technologies, he’s comfortable with CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, Joomla, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Database, as well as Photoshop Dreamweaver and WHM Servers.

There isn’t a website he can’t code, design and layout with his skills in graphic design and computer programming. He’s also a whizz at maintenance and expanding/enhancing client’s existing websites. Senzo never fails to develop and employ renowned websites that dazzle clients and make them money with his WooCommerce applications that are mobile friendly with a responsive design.

He holds International MCSE and MCSA Diplomas in Information Technology, and is unbeatable at SEO Search Engine Optimization, Google webmaster tools and Web debugging.

Thankfully, he’s comfortable dealing with humans too. He’s quick to understand the goals of our client’s businesses and has unbelievable patience with his less than tech-savvy colleagues and clients. He knows how to turn even the most outlandish visions into an actual, functional website and hasn’t chased us out of his office yet.

At closing time, Senzo shifts from his computer screen to the TV screen to indulge his love of soccer, but only if his wife and two daughters aren’t keeping him busy. 

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