Neil Hatton, Operations Manager

Overseeing all the organizational activities for Level Q Marketing is our Operations Manager Neil. He’s a consummate professional with impeccable integrity, and widely respected as a committed team builder and leader.

Best known for his strong people skills, he maintains and increases the efficiency of our business, lending his support in operational leadership to all our departments, from finance to IT and human resources. Neil has worked for some of the top oil and gas organizations in the world, managing, logistics, administration, and finance in dangerous and remote locations. With his articulate form of communicating and 24-year top level military career in the British Armed forces, he’s quite the James Bond. Deployed in two Gulf wars, Afghanistan, and the liberation of Kosovo, we couldn’t ask for a better problem solver and we’re not just saying that because he knows his way around sophisticated weaponry.

He’s implemented and managed administrative quality assurance programs for over 600 personnel in the past, so taking care of our growth and success is an easy assignment for him. He is super organized and efficient, unfazed with pressure in our fast-paced, results-driven business environment and excellent at maximizing productivity. Nothing makes him happier than updating our operations metrics to ensure our clients achieve maximized productivity delivered with the best customer service. When he isn’t chasing after the best strategic and operational objectives for us all, he’s chasing the wind on his super cool, ultra-fast black Ducati. You may have seen him last Christmas, driving around, dressed as Santa to raise money for a children’s charity. We are all happy to have Neil in charge of operational functions, although we do wonder if he’s also working part time for her majesty’s secret service, especially when he asks for his coffee, shaken, not stirred.

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