Panos, Graphic Designer Art Director

BA Graphic and Advertising Design

Panos is in charge of developing all the creative visions that speak to our readers, viewers and users.  With his vast experience as an Art Director, he has his finger on the pulse of all business sectors from Fashion to Industry. He excels at translating marketing and branding strategies, turning them into innovative and impressive campaigns that stimulate our targeted audiences. His resume includes working for large upmarket advertising companies which is probably why he has a weak spot for luxury goods and a love of travel. He asked us not to let the clients know that he collects fridge magnets every time he travels, but there are no secrets at Level Q Marketing. Despite being a preppy vegetarian with a history of managing large teams, he’s always on hand and deeply involved at every stage of the design process from logos, typography, color, web layout design, print production, image selection and package design. He can handle everything that comes his way except for his overwhelming addiction to chocolate. Outdoor advertising, magazine layouts and social media adverts are his specialty along with managing complete branding campaigns. He’s a whizz at taking ideas and turning them into clear concepts that lead to successful marketing initiatives. His ability to uncover new ways to incorporate emerging and new media formats into our promotions is almost as brilliant as his ability to consume litres of ice-cream. If he’s not at the office managing every part of our graphic design process, then he’s probably at the gym, working out almost every day to counteract his ice-cream consumption.

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