Thespina, Graphic Designer

BSc (Hons) Interior Architecture.

Thespina is at the forefront of our success in visually informing consumers. As an award-winning creative, she is passionate about helping our clients turn their dreams and visions into a tangible reality. She believes that every branding space speaks its own language, and she knows just how to communicate this message with accurate design.

Her ability to dissect any brief and transform it into a unique final product amazes us every day. Thespina’s extremely inventive mind never fails to absorb visual trends and deploy them in fresh and exciting ways. She adds years of experience to our creative department and boasts an interesting portfolio of work covering a wide range of creative projects. Thespina specializes in all aspects of art creation in advertising, digital design, illustration, and branding. She is also an expert at all the latest design software and technologies.

We are all secretly jealous of her eye for detail and ability to communicate ideas so artistically. Every visual concept she creates by hand or computer instantly helps others interpret the world around them through color, texture, images, and symbols. When she’s not hard at work wowing us with her designs, Thespina spends her time in the wild, which she says is her second home. She counted giraffes and zebras as her best friends growing up on a game farm, but is thankfully urbanized now and quite comfortable in the corporate environment. We all avoid her after hours because she likes to hike, swim, and indulge in competitive sports for entertainment. Thankfully, during office hours, she is happy to spend time in our studio – surrounded by the best design equipment and producing imagery that is pleasing to our clients. She also forgets to ask us to exercise with her.

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